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Downey Adventist Church Welcome Joy from worshipping at Downey Adventist Church

We are a multi-ethnic, family-oriented Adventist church located in the Los Angeles area in Downey, California (map here). We would be honored to have you worship with us on any Saturday that you are in our area.

If you have any questions about the Downey Seventh-day Adventist Church,  Adventists or about becoming a Christian, please email us.

If you are wondering what our church service is like, we're open and a friendly group. You are welcome to join us as we attempt to follow God's leading in our lives. [LEARN MORE]

Downey Adventist Church Welcome

08.25.18 - Fishing Buddies.

Fishing was never intended to be a solo mission. Find a partner and fish together.


09.01.18 - The Journey: You are Not Alone.

We are starting a 4 part series on life's journey. Today's message will remind us that no matter where you are on your journey that you are never alone.


09.08.18 - The Journey: Taking Steps Forward.

For the second sermon of our series, our focus will be on how Christ gives us the strength to keep moving forward no matter what stands in our way.


09.15.18 - The Journey: Staying on the Right Path.

veryone feels lost sometimes, and today's message shows us how Jesus and the Word of God will always bring us back on the path that Christ has called us to be on.


09.22.18 - The Journey: Reaching Your Destination.

When we are on a trip, we, of course, need to know where we are going, and it is no different with life. Our final sermon on The Journey, we will reflect on how incredible it will be when we have finally arrived to where God has called us to go.


09.29.18 - Communion

Come and join us as we partake in the Lord's Supper together. This special service alway allows us to reflect on the amazing love that God has for us.


Downey Adventist Church Upcoming Events


08.25.18 - Hawaiian Shirt Day


08.25.18 - Parking Lot Party 5:30pm


09.15.18 - International Sabbath / Luncheon


09.22.18 - Outdoor Movie Night


09.25.18 - Communion