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Not Forgotten

During the Civil war a young soldier lay wounded in a hospital far from home. He grew worse each day and felt that his only hope of recovery was to be with his family. One morning President Lincoln visited the hospital to comfort the wounded men. The homesick soldier watched the President and saw how kindly he treated every man, passing by none without some expression of fatherly interest. He decided that when the
president approached his bed he would ask him a favor.

Finally, his turn came. President Lincoln asked the soldier, "Are you comfortable?" He answered, "Not so comfortable as I would be, Mr. President, If I were back home."

"What is your name?" Lincoln asked.

"Samuel Stover, Company H. 2nd Maryland Volunteers," he quickly replied, with hope rising in his heart.
The president looked at the young man for a few moments, gave him a friendly nod, and continued through the ward. Weeks passed. Lincoln had not jotted down his name or taken a single note. "He's forgotten," thought the soldier.

How surprised he was a few days later when an order came in Lincoln's own writing to transfer Private Stover to the military hospital at Annapolis, his hometown!

Young Stover got better under his family's care at the new hospital. Years later, he said "It has always been a mystery to me that a man with so much to think about should keep in mind the name, company, and regiment of a private soldier and care about his need.

This incident illustrates the loving personal interest God has for every one of us. He knows our cares and our needs. He doesn't take notes but He says in Scripture that our names are written on the Palms of His hands and we are set as a seal upon His heart and as a jewel in His crown. Isaiah 49:16

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