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Church and Football
by Bill Aumack
The Latest Word
Feburary 1999

     It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out that most of the society that we live in is not all that interested in God and religion. One of the side effects of this disinterest is dwindling church attendance and commitment.

     People will give many different answers when asked why they donít attend church. They want to sleep in, they are tired, itís not relevant, itís too hard to get the family ready for church and the list goes on and on. Dean Morris shared this with me when we were discussing this topic. This first appeared in the Review and Herald in the August 21, 1975, issue. Itís by Robert Hastings and is every bit as good today as it was in 1975.

     I've stopped going to football games.  For one thing, they're always asking for money. Why can't you get in for free?  Prices are already too high. Another reason, the seats are too hard, especially when you sit in one place for an hour and a half.  And some of the fans get on my nerves.  For example, many are downright unfriendly.  They get off in little cliques.  Others appear hypocritical.  I doubt if they really care much about the game but go just to be seen, especially if they have some new clothes to show off. Another reason I stopped going is because my parents made me go to games when I was young, whether I wanted to go or not.  They dragged me to so many games that I made a promise if I ever got on my own, I'd sleep in and watch TV.
     Also, I can't stand some of the music the band plays during half-time.  I never heard some of the numbers.  At times, their music is too slow and mournful.  Other times, it's too peppy and jumpy.  Frankly, it makes me jittery.
     And another thing, the football coach never came to see me, and when I met him on the street, he didn't even recognize me.  As many times as I've gone to see his games, you'd think he could stop to see me, especially when I'm laid up a day or two with a bad cold.
     I also realized one day that too many of the games were going into overtime. This made me late for other appointments.  I say if a game is to last an hour, it should last an hour, and let the people go home. I could mention other reasons:  I know the rules better than the referee.  I don't want to influence my children by insisting they go with me, and I think football is irrelevant to the problems of modern man.
     (P.S. Any similarities to church drop-outs, living or dead, is coincidental.)
     These reasons seem ridiculous when applied to football, yet many of us have probably heard or used these excuses for church. We donít come to church to be seen, or because of the motives of others, or to get out on time or for any other earthly reason. We come to church to worship God. Itís good when we can fellowship with other believers at church or receive other fringe benefits. But our primary reason is to worship God, everything else should fade away.

      See ya at church!
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