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The syllabus is arranged with one study each week for a total of six studies on prayer. Two articles entitled How Prayer Works and Responding to Lover were published in a special edition of the Adventist Review published in May of 1997.  The article entitled Joining our Prayers with His was published in Ministry Magazine, January 2005. Those articles are credited to the authors and include footnotes. 


The remaining three articles entitled, Meditation, The Lord Teaches Us to Pray and Following God’s Direction were written by Mitch Williams either during his doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary or more recently for pastoral considerations.


Getting Started

Read this first - Notes and Overview.doc. It gives a good overview of the resources used in this series.


The syllabus is one Word document. We printed this and the cover page and had them comb bound.
Syllabus - (292 KB Word)
Cover page - (1.6 MB PDF)
Prayer graphic - (436 KB JPG)
Soft edge Prayer graphic - (1.3 MB PNG)


Worship Service Resources

Some sermons notes are in PowerPoint format. Download the free viewer here. In this series we used copyrighted backgrounds for the power point slides that we do not have the rights to redistribute. The backgrounds of the power point slides are set to generic background that was included with Power Point. We highly recommend you change the background.

Sermon notes are also available in RTF (Rich Text Format). Most every word processor can open a RTF file.

Date Title Audio

Why Prayer Is Essential
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (36 mins - 4 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 1
Meditative Prayer
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (44 mins - 5 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 2
The Lord Teaches Us To Pray
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (50 mins - 5.8 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 3
How Prayer Works
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (48 mins - 5.4 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 4
Following God's Directions
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (44 mins - 5 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 5
Responding to Love
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (45 mins - 5.2 MB)

6 Weeks of Prayer - Week 6
Joining Our Prayers With His
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (43 mins - 5 MB)