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This small group series is based on Mark Batterson’s book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.” The book is available at Amazon. At the time of this writing, Mark is making the book available a bit cheaper directly from him if you buy by the case (20 books).  Mark is the pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C. The church website is He also has a blog at

Mark also made the decision to make everything they did for this series open source. That means you can download all their graphics, movie clips, sermons, etc. for free at  In a similar fashion, we are making the resources that we did freely available too. Some of our graphics will look very similar to Mark’s – that’s because we used what he offered.

Getting Started

Read this first - Notes and Overview.doc. It gives a good overview of the resources used in this series.

Miscellaneous Resources

We printed a bookmark for each member of the small groups.
Bookmark Front (5 MB - PDF file)
Bookmark Back (3.8 MB - PDF file)
Poster (852KB - PDF file)
Alternate Poster (18 MB - PSD file)
misproject font (free font from
Carnivalle Freakshow font (free font from


Small Group Folder

Each small group member received a 2-pocket folder. The folder contained introductory information, group organizational information (prayer lists, contact lists, reading schedule, etc.), as well as the study guides. Download the documents separately or in one zip file (requires WinZip or compatible program).

Document Description Link
Introduction and Organizational Pages 6WeeksOfOpportunity_SmallGroup.doc
Study Guide Pre-Session My Small Group PreSession.doc
Study Guide Week 1 My Small Group 1.doc
Study Guide Week 2 My Small Group 2.doc
Study Guide Week 3 My Small Group 3.doc
Study Guide Week 4 My Small Group 4.doc
Study Guide Week 5 My Small Group 5.doc
Study Guide Week 6 My Small Group 6.doc
All content in 1 zip file


Worship Service Resources

Some sermons notes are in PowerPoint format. Download the free viewer here

Sermon notes are also available in RTF (Rich Text Format). Most every word processor can open a RTF file. Sermon notes have two versions of the notes. The first version without the blanks filled in so you can follow along, and the second version has the blanks filled in. Both versions are contained in the RTF file.

Date Title Audio Blank Slides
(make your own slides using these backgrounds)

Recognizing God-ordained Opportunities
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Introduction
by Bill Aumack
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (36 min - 4 MB) Slide

What a Can-Do God Can Do for You?
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 1
PPT                   RTF

 MP3 (47 min - 5.5 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

How To Fearless Face Your Fears?
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 2
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (44 mins - 5.25 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

Thinking Outside of the Box
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 3
by Bill Aumack
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (39 mins - 4.5 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

How to Embrace Uncertainty in Your Life?
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 4
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (40 mins - 4.5 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

How to Challenge a Challenge?
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 5
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (45 mins - 5 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

How to Hang-on When Others Aren't
6 Weeks of Opportunity - Week 6
PPT                   RTF

  MP3 (48 mins - 5.5 MB) Title Slide
Point Slides

Celebration Sabbath
no notes

  MP3 (47 mins - 5.5 MB) None