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The Downey Adventist Church is involved in an extensive remodeling project. Due to limited funds and our strong commitment to remain debt free, we are doing the project in phases.

Phase 1 is the remodeling of the tower, fixing some water damage and making the exterior water-tight.

Phase 2 is the Church interior. This includes the Sanctuary, Foyer, Secretaries Office, bathrooms and the Youth Room.

Phase 3 is the Kitchen, Fellowship Hall and Children's Sabbath School rooms.





Our tower suffered quite a bit of damage during the 1998 El Nino. Due to the amount of damage and because it does not meet current building codes, it was decided to substantially shorten the tower. Our original tower had a flat roof and that was a constant problem, so the new tower will have peaked roof. We are also adding a large cross in front and above the new tower. The rear wall of the foyer was also damaged due to leaking around the stained glass window. The wall is being rebuilt and the stained glass is being refurbished.

The interior involves the complete gutting of the inside of the church. Most of the paneling is going to be removed. New carpet, completely refinished pews, remodeled stage, new paint, new lights, new flooring in the foyer and new doors complete the interior update.



Pictures (Pictures open in a new window.)


Phase 1 - Exterior

Click here for pics of the demolition of old tower and reconstruction of tower, exterior paint and restrooms.

Workbee Pictures

Workbee pics - We had a workbee to take out the bushes so we could stucco the building. Not to mention some of the bushes needed to come out!


Phase 2 - Interior  

Interior remodel pics - God continues to lead as we remodeled the interior is just 8 weeks!!! This work happened in the Spring and early Summer of 2001. Click on any picture to enlarge it in a separate window.


Phase 3 - Kitchen, Fellowship Hall, Children's Sabbath School rooms

pics soon!