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  • John and Clarice<br /><br />This was John and Clarice's 50th Wedding Anniversary (to the very day!).<br /> width:400;;height:267
  • What a kiss!<br /><br /> width:400;;height:267
  • Group<br /><br />Group shot. Original Bridesmaids were present.<br /> width:285;;height:219
  • Cake width:195;;height:323
  • Topper<br /><br />Original Cake topper from 50 years ago<br /> width:313;;height:267
  • Cutting<br /><br />John and Clarice cut the cake<br /> width:300;;height:450
  • Ray and Flor<br /><br />Ray and Flor also renewed their vows<br /> width:266;;height:212
  • cutting the cake<br /><br /> width:300;;height:450
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