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  • Decorations<br /><br />The Church platform.<br /> width:400;;height:300
  • Bible<br /><br />Church Bible<br /> width:400;;height:300
  • Decorations<br /><br />More Decorations<br /> width:300;;height:400
  • Friends<br /><br />Friends sharing a few photos<br /> width:360;;height:300
  • Little Angels in Sabbath School<br /> width:400;;height:300
  • Angel width:295;;height:300
  • Angel width:309;;height:300
  • Angel width:209;;height:267
  • Lap Robes<br /><br />Showing off some of the lab robes made by the Community Service group to be donated to local hospitals and nursing homes<br /> width:400;;height:300
  • Musicans<br /><br />Music was a big part of the program. Here are some of the musicians.<br /> width:359;;height:300
  • Downey Memorial Choir (that's an inside joke)<br /> width:400;;height:300
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