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I have received several questions about what is the correct HTML editor to use. That’s a bit like asking me, “What is the correct car for me to purchase?” The answer is, it depends on a lot of things.  This review just came out from the folks at WebMonkey. Hopefully, this will help you decide on what is the correct HTML editor for you.


This article does not include every WYSIWYG HTML editor available. Most notably it does not include the better known free or shareware editors. However, it does include the premier editors and contains quite a bit of useful information (even if you already have or like your current editor).




Colors are an important part of a website. And often times the colors in our sites are chosen too hastily. We pick the colors based on our favorite color or some other equally trivial method. To some degree the choice of color is a matter of personal taste. But colors are too important to simply be chosen because the webmaster likes a particular color combo. For example, here in North America red is usually associated with STOP or “being in the red” (over budget). So maybe red is not the best color for a church website. However, in other cultures red can and often does portray a very different meaning.


Here is a short article regarding color and what some of the colors mean.,,1381_889471,00.html


This is a more in-depth article with several very useful resources on color. It also features several tools to help you pick a good color scheme (be sure to check out the ColorServe Java by Brian Hall).


Remember, no matter what color(s) are chosen, make sure to have good contrast (for us color-blind folks) and try to use good-taste and restraint. Too many colors can be as bad or worse than poorly chosen colors.


Interesting Site


Here is a church website that is a little bolder in their design than most church websites are. While you should never outright copy another site (there are copyright laws to prevent that sort of thing), you can get some ideas from looking at what others have done.

This site does take longer than some due to its rather graphic-intensive design, although it’s not too long. All in all, it’s a pretty good website. Note the multiple languages, ease of find information (just click the Info icon), and update to date content.




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