Help for Church Webmasters

Issue 19                                                                               03/02/03


Don’t Let Your Address Get Harvested




Once your email address is on your webpage it is easy for harvesting programs to grab it for use by email marketers, scam merchants, and worse. These unsavory types run programs, sometimes call bots, which collect or harvest your email address. Then you start getting junk mail and spam and it goes downhill from there. One simple solution is to not put your email address on your webpage. That’s very effective, but not very helpful to the visitors at your website that want to get in touch with you. However, there are ways to hide your email address on your webpage.


Here are three suggestions that will help you hide your email address.




Please realize that none of these solutions are bullet proof, but they will help lessen the flow of unwanted email. But if you are already on the mailing lists, its too late. I suggest you get a new email address and use one of these options to help protect it. Also, NEVER use your personal email address on your church site – always use a different email address for your webmaster email.


If you have a question or something you are struggling with, let me know and I will see if it can be covered in a future newsletter.



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