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Downey Adventist Church Welcome Joy from worshipping at Downey Adventist Church

We are a multi-ethnic, family-oriented Adventist church located in the Los Angeles area in Downey, California (map here). We would be honored to have you worship with us on any Saturday that you are in our area.

If you have any questions about the Downey Seventh-day Adventist Church,  Adventists or about becoming a Christian, please email us.

If you are wondering what our church service is like, we're open and a friendly group. You are welcome to join us as we attempt to follow God's leading in our lives. [LEARN MORE]

Downey Adventist Church Welcome

04.01.17 - Fake News

We hear about Fake News a lot. Is this just a political thing or should we be worried about fake news in other parts of our lives, especially our spiritual lives. Bill Aumack will share what the Bible says about this.


04.08.17 - Communion

This Sabbath, we are providing the Lord's Supper. It is our time to reconnect with God as we reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.


04.15.17 - Ressurection

For Easter weekend, our church will have a special worship service that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Because Jesus has risen, we can all claim victory for eternal life.


04.22.17 - Life Surrendered

The Psalmist writes, "blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven" (Psalms 32:1). Today's message will show us the joy that comes from realizing our own sinfulness as it leads us to our savior.


04.29.17 - Christ's Acceptance

This Sabbath, our focus will be on learning how to allow God in our lives. That is when we truly experience the power of God as Paul writes, "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:8).



Downey Adventist Church Upcoming Events


04.01.2017 - Pathfinders 2pm


04.02.2017 - Pathfinder Hike to Griffith Park


04.08.2017 - Communion


04.15.2017 - Easter Sabbath


04.16.2017 - Easter


04.26.2017 - Administrative Professionals Day


05.07.2017 - Diabetes Seminar / Healthy Cooking School 5pm


05.13.2017 - Mother's Day Sabbath